Things To Do

In Hondeklipbaai/ Hondeklip Bay

Enjoy a walk to the Hondeklip Bay lighthouse and the old graveyard with its several very old gravestones of long forgotten inhabitants, sailors and visitors who found their last resting place in Hondeklip Bay.

There are more than 14 kilometres of pristine and unspoilt West Coast coastline to explore

Visit Villian and Mads’s outdoor studio.

Go crayfish diving (permits needed).

For a little romance, watch the sunset at Spitfire (Spatklip) and take a few stunning pictures

Visit Hondeklip bay’s beautiful shops and restaurants

Take a tour of the Hondeklip Bay Abalone Farm.

Dog Stone

The Dog Stone is a big gneiss rock that so closely resembled a dog; it inspired Thomas Grace to name Hondeklipbaai, which means “Dog Stone Bay”.

In 1853 the “Dog” was defaced when its ear was chopped of and taken to Cape Town in order to start the fictitious “Dog’s Ear Copper Company”. During a severe lightning storm in the 70s, it lost its nose as well.

Hondeklipbaai Lighthouse

Hondeklipbaai Lighthouse beams light flashes and a fog signal warning ships passing Port Nolloth along the West Coast that there is imminent danger. The new white and red tower was constructed in 2006 to replace the old stilt structure that originated in 1936.

The Namaqua Camino

The Namaqua Camino is a 10 day supported slackpack walk through the distinctive and diverse Namaqualand countryside.

The Namaqua Camino is a circular walk departing from the quaint seaside village of Hondeklip Bay.

The spectacular 240km route will take you over arid plains, through a unique succulent biome and along the unspoilt Atlantic coast of the Namaqua National Park. Visit the site.

Places to Dine

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